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All About the Mt Si Hiking Trail

You’ll find plenty of scenic places to hike and climb during your stay in North Bend. Mt Si is a popular site, and it boasts an impressive elevation of 4,167 feet. Many people consider it one of the most popular spots to go hiking, so be sure to make it part of your schedule when visiting the area. More than 100,000 people trek up this trail every year, intending to reach the end of the pathway in under two hours. While that may be possible for the more experienced hikers, feel free to take your time and enjoy the beauty that this trail has to offer.

Snag Flat

On the first part of the trail, you’ll find yourself ascending steadily, but as the elevation goes higher, it gets a little bit more complicated. Be sure to stop and take a break when you reach Snag Flat. Amazingly, the old trees that reside in this area have survived fires and logging. It’s impossible not to be in awe of their stature and beauty. A state legislator fought to preserve these trees, which is why they still stand in the area today. Today, Mt Si is a mandated conservation area in the city.

The Mile Marker

As the Mt Si trail ascends upwards, it becomes harder to climb. Only experienced North Bend climbers dare go this high. There’s a mile marker before the trail goes into a hairpin turn. It’s at this three and a half mile mark that you’ll finally be able to see through the canopy of the trees and get a glimpse of the south. About another quarter of a mile later, the trail suddenly pitches upward, and you’ll freeze in your tracks as a spectacular view of the southeast comes into sight. If you’re lucky, and the sky is clear, you should be able to see Mount Rainier off in the horizon.

The Haystack

About this point on the Mt Si trail, many hikers take a break to soak up the majesty of Mother Nature’s work. It’s the perfect spot to stop and have a bite to eat. The birds, mountain goats, and squirrels who live here have become so accustomed to the many visitors that they aren’t afraid to get close. However, they are wild animals, so you can enjoy them from a distance and never offer them human food.

It’s at this height of Mt Si that you can see the Haystack or the true summit. If you wish to forge ahead, the top of the Haystack is only a short distance further. As the legend goes, Mt Si was the moon’s body that fell to earth due to the deviousness of the blue jay and the fox. When you reach the summit, you’ll understand how fitting the legend of the Snoqualmie people is to residents in North Bend.

Location is Everything

It’s important to note that while Mt Si seems to be in a world of its own, in reality, it’s only about 45 minutes outside of Seattle. However, locals prefer to keep this site a secret from the bigger cities. So, if you’re visiting Seattle, or live in the area, you can reach this little bit of heaven in less than an hour. This North Bend attraction draws visitors from around the world. It truly is one of the wonders of the Cascade Mountains.

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