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Landscape Designer Issaquah – Add Beauty to Your Surroundings

Landscape Designer in Issaquah

Best Landscape Designer In Issaquah – Create an Oasis in Your Backyard

The Landscape Designer with Award-Winning Design Ideas near Issaquah

As a landscape designer in Issaquah, we take pride in showcasing the beauty of your property.

We have been the Northwest Flower & Garden winner three times. We’ve been in business for two decades and have a proven track record of excellence in the field of landscaping services in Issaquah. We specialize in residential landscape design and have helped many clients bring the vision they have for their outdoor space to life. We love what we do, and we love seeing the joy on client’s faces when they see our plans for their outdoor space.

Outdoor Space Should Be Inviting

We structure our service around the idea that you should love spending time in your outdoor space. It should be both inviting and enjoyable. Your home should also have amazing curb appeal, as the landscape is the first area that people notice about your home. Allow us to make sure that it’s a great first impression. We make a gorgeous outdoor space easy for you to achieve. Take advantage of our expertise by hiring us as your landscape designer, Issaquah. This is an area that we are very familiar with and we know how to work with what Mother Nature has given the area. We’ll show you how to turn your space into something spectacular.

Living Landscaping and Hardscaping

We offer our clients the total package when it comes to landscaping. We believe in doing it all from start to finish. Having one company working on the entire area gives the area a cohesive look that our clients love. You may have come across choppy looking outdoor spaces. However, when you trust us to handle the entire job, you’ll appreciate the flow of the area.

  • We help you choose plants that will thrive in your area. We firmly believe that gardening should be simple. Fighting against Mother Nature is a pointless job, so we ensure that the plants in your yard do well within your area.
  • Hardscaping is a vital part of landscaping. From a fire pit to entire outdoor kitchens, we can help you incorporate hardscaping onto your property.
  • We offer routine maintenance, such as trimming and shaping.
  • Ponds and water features are relaxing. We can incorporate them to help you turn your backyard into an oasis for you to enjoy.
  • We come up with innovative ideas to make your outdoor space unique.

Take Your Vision and Bring it to Life

If you have a vision in your mind of what you want your yard to be, we will work with you so that we can bring it to life. Many homeowners have an idea of what they want, but have no idea how to get it. We help you by showing you the way and offering our own ideas and advice when they are needed. We can also come up with a design idea for the entire space.

Landscape Designer in Issaquah

Let Us Show You What We Do

Contact us today so we can look over your outdoor area, listen to your ideas, and come up with a way to turn your walkway into a more enjoyable and functional space. Whether you have a clear vision for your walkway design or need some help clarifying it, we’re here for you. We look forward to hearing from you. You’ll love our friendly, helpful, and attentive staff. We believe in quality work and customer service that goes above and beyond what you expect. Let us create an outdoor space that you’ll love and want to show off.

We Help You Save Money and Time

You may be wondering how hiring a landscape designer in Issaquah can save you money. We’re here to tell you how.

  • Residents often spend hundreds of dollars on the wrong plants. Not every plant will grow in every area or every soil. We tell you which plants work well with the soil in your yard.
  • Living plants can be an expense and a lot of work. We help you by giving you hardscaping ideas to take up some of the space in your backyard.
  • Our experts trim and prune plants, and help you choose the best irrigation system, which helps the plants live longer, thus saving you money.

You Come First

You, your needs, and your space are always a top priority for us. We believe in going above and beyond what you expect. No matter how large or small the job is, we treat each one with total dedication and an eye toward absolute customer satisfaction. Call us today for all of your landscape design needs.

Enjoy more than your own backyard in Issaquah, WA; enjoy the city itself. This city is located in King County Washington. The urban area features wonderful bars, restaurants, and shops. It also offers amazing outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Spend time hiking at Cougar Mountain Wildlife Park. The park has a variety of trails, so everyone can find one that is just right for their skill level. Families often spend part of their days here, taking advantage of the beauty and the chance to get some exercise. Visit the big cats in all their majestic beauty, birds, and lovely sculptures at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. The entire family will love this adventure. The zoo has 11 acres of fun for everyone to enjoy. Drive over to Lake Sammamish State Park for stunning views, paddle boarding, and more. The park features 6,858 feet of waterfront space. The park itself covers 512 acres. Vehicle/trailer combinations are welcome. The park has 250 parking areas for these vehicles.

Poo Poo Point Trailhead is an excellent hiking destination for the experienced hiker. The trails can be a bit challenging for those who are inexperienced. The area is also a great spot for hang gliding and parasailing. You can expect to see both while you’re there. Moreover, this is a dog-friendly place with many hikers taking their furry friends along.

This is a great place for families as there is always plenty to do, for both adults and children. There are many community events to keep residents connected. A downtown art walk, a pub crawl, and a Keep Issaquah Beautiful clean-up are just a few of them. Events, such as these, give residents a feeling of community. This area also has a school system that is highly rated, making it a top choice for families with school-aged children. When it comes to landscaping services, Issaquah residents have an excellent choice, so give us a call and then go off and explore this wonderful area.

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