Parks in North Bend

Outdoor recreational activities are something that the whole family can enjoy together. The gorgeous parks in North Bend are a great place to start. There’s something for everyone to do here, including hiking, fishing, river sports, bicycling, and so much more. If you love being a part of nature at its finest, the parks have many observation points where you can take in the scenic views and observe the native wildlife.

North Bend features impressive trails and lake areas. It’s home to a heard of elk and was made famous by the television series Twin Peaks. If you’re looking for an outdoor spot where nature takes center stage, consider visiting this city for your next vacation. You won’t be disappointed!

Twin Falls Trail

Hiking is something that a family can do together. If you’ve never been hiking before, it may be a good idea, to begin with, a short trek for your first adventure. Twin Falls Trail in North Bend provides the perfect place to test out your hiking skills.

Twin Falls Trail is about 5.8 kilometers long, and you can easily access it by hiking, running, or walking, depending on what makes you comfortable. Beautiful scenery surrounds this lovely trail, with the stunning Twin Falls waterfall as the main feature along the route. 

The pathway is well-maintained, and it’s a popular tourist spot for people who are visiting North Bend. While on the trail, be sure to stop and climb the wooden stairs along the way. They lead to viewing stations with breathtaking views. All-in-all, the Twin Falls Trail should take about 2 hours to complete from start to finish.

Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area

Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area in North Bend is open daily from dawn until dusk. It’s home to a 111-acre lake and is the perfect place to get away for a day. For the avid fisherman, the lake is open for fishing year-round, but you must follow the fishing guidelines set by the state. Feel free to pack a lunch and have a picnic by the lake. Just be aware that no drinking water is available, so make sure to bring some with you. 

Swimming is allowed in the recreation area but do so at your own risk as there are no lifeguards on duty. If you want to go out on the lake, electric motor boats and self-propelled boats are always a welcome adventure. This activity can be a fun, leisurely way to pass the time with your family and friends. 

If you prefer to burn off some energy, consider hiking the Rattlesnake Snake Trail, which you’ll find on the southeast side of the lake. This trail has spectacular views, and it receives rave reviews from everyone who visits it. Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area in the city has a lot to offer and is a beautiful place for a day trip outdoors.

Meadowbrook Farm

When touring the sights of the area, don’t forget to stop by Meadowbrook Farm. This 460-acre historic farm staked out its place in history as the largest hop ranch in the world during the late 1800s. It also served as a gathering and hunting spot. Later on, this famous North Bend farm got used for vegetable crops and dairy. 

Today, the Meadowbrook Farm is the perfect place to stroll along a trail or learn about nature preservation and the environment. It’s a popular attraction for the locals and tourists who wish to be surrounded by stunning views of Mount Si and the Cascade Mountains. Be sure to check it out when you visit the city.

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